Natalia Dołgowska & Michalina Musielak

In 1980, when "It's a heartache" by Bonnie Tyler was played on vinyls , Polish songwriter - Bogdan Olewicz was commissioned to write the Polish lyric version to the hugely successful melody overseas. Adorable, blonde Bonnie knows how big of a heartache it is, standing alone in the rain, realizing that he never wanted her love. Living in a communist regime’s reality, Olewicz didn’t see any possibility to make Hollywood-styled scenes of breaking up come true in Poland, especially when “the leading role” of this scenes, were women who experienced the ways and ideologies of the Hippie movement. In Poland, She is still the same, camouflaging her sexuality, subjected to stereotypes and traditionalist visions, that force her to wait for a guy’s first move. He has to make the first step – a bachelor whose wealth keeps the family running. Partners were often chosen by mothers and not their daughters. The American heartache is being questioned in the Polish version: "Is it worth it?". The song with this title appears on the album "Shades of Solitude" by Zdzisława Sośnicka. Love is far away, not available, two-dimensional, because of the cinema screen. Reality paints it in completely different colors. Women in the intimate surroundings of their homes, solo dance to a song that makes them reconsider their own femininity. Is it worth it, to be cold and stubborn? Is it worth it, listening to mum? The significant problem of women’s representation of independence manifests itself here. The independence leads to loneliness which shows itself as a golden cage in which women are trapped. So how can one turn from solo dancer to couple dancer? Two artists: Michalina Musielak and Natalia Dołgowska, for who this song by Zdzisława Sośnicka was a very important inspiration, decided to make a film which is an illustration of Polish womanhood in all its stages. Little girls and elderly ladies join together to the same melody, same lyrics, while performing their own dance, which over time takes the shape of a danse de la vie. Is it worth it?

Mikołaj Sobczak (curator)